Upcoming Events

  1. Jan 20

    Washington, DC SD Nation Powershoot & NEtwork
  2. Jan 27

    Charlotte, NC R&B Day Party Hosted By Darren Brand & Comedian Burpie
  3. Jan 31

  4. Feb 24

    Charlotte, NC R&B Day Party Featuring Insynction Band


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    Our Event Curation and Production services are designed to transform your visions into reality, creating moments that resonate and memories that linger. With a seasoned team of event experts and creatives, we curate and produce a diverse array of events...

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    Our Artist Development services are designed to nurture and guide emerging talents on their journey to musical excellence. Finding your unique sound is an essential step in carving your identity as an artist. Our dedicated team of industry professionals works...

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    Our Music Production Services are dedicated to bringing your musical vision to life, turning your melodies into unforgettable masterpieces. Our team of seasoned producers, engineers, and creatives is here to collaborate with you, no matter where you are on your...

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